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Party scene

    Shots from this week, highligths: Partying with Alice Dellal, Courtney Love performing two songs drunk, her head piece, sisters' visit, Irina's neck piercing, new clogs, Herny Holland thights.

cookies solve all of life's problems



    After telling myself that I wouldn't let my cabin fever get the best of me this weekend, I ventured out for the first time in two weeks to hang out with Pika and Mike. Needless to say, I was exhausted, cranky, and in pain less than an hour in, but it was still a vast improvement from festering all weekend in my bedroom. I'm surprised Pika was actually willing to curb his fast pace and walk slowly beside me (although not without the occasional jest about my gimp walk). Thankfully I'm now back in my cozy apartment and do not plan on leaving until I absolutely must for class on Monday. At least I retained my sanity.

    Muni was a pain in the ass and for some reason it took us three buses to get to Haight Street. Somehow we ended up in the Castro after a bus stopped running halfway through and stumbled into Hot Cookie for some, well, cookies obviously. The three of us were quite satisfied with our choices (the white chocolate macadamia cookie was mine if anyone was wondering) and a lot less grumpy thanks to the sugar in our systems.

    white chocolate macadamia


    fudge cookie

On my way


    zara leather jacket 
    h&m shirt
    topshop boots
    asos rucksack
    sands boutique scarf

    A quick post of this weeks rain uniform.. (expect no wellies)I love that it's becoming almost possible to wear leather jackets. This one has been a faithful friend for so many years and just keeps getting better with age. Looks like black leather is taking over my life but I assure you that there is other stuff in my closet too.

    My sister is in town and I sinned on oxford street, again. I bougth so much stuff that I will show on the blog soon, now I am off to party. C u later xx

Under construction

    h&m leather overalls
    zara shirt
    zara boots
    sands boutique scarf

    I owe it to my college to say bye bye to the beloved building that's being brutally torn down for a stupid railway thing. One of our campuses is moving, thank god the main building stays and I guess the new location won't be too bad.. 

    I had some fun with my lovely friend Tasha who got a bit carried away while shooting the pictures...haha. Anyway it was quite funny playing photoshoot on our lunch break, if there is anywhere you can get away with that, it's at LCF.

    oh and the illustrations are by CSM graduate Mark Ballard.. Cool right? 

Best of London

    Topshop Unique                                    Richard Nicoll

    Louise Goldin                                     Ann-Sofie Back

    Antonio Berardi                                   Burberry Prorsum

    Richard Nicoll                                    Ann-Sofie Back

    Julien Macdonald                                  Maria Grachvogel

    Holly Fulton                                     Aminaka Wilmont

    Topshop Unique                                   Christopher Kane

    images: & New York mag

    This is what I loved at the London shows! It's been a really funny week, with nice parties and cool people. I might have to put up a party post later... Anyway here is what I wish I would be wearing next autumn. Okey maybe minus the horns.. or who knows.

making chicken enchiladas with chile verde

    making enchiladas from Annabel Ly on Vimeo.

    Put together a bunch of random clips to make this video of BF making enchiladas for us. The song is “sweet time replay (feat. dahlia)” by capsule. Thanks for all of the encouraging comments, I'm trying my best to deal and get over this as soon as possible! It's kind of strange to get used to "taking it easy" and I can't wait until things are normal again but it's interesting to take a step back and take a look at what I was doing wrong by stressing myself out so much. It's unnatural for everything to go exactly as planned and I really need to learn how to stop beating myself up for it. I'm trying, I'm trying.

Barber shop


    topshop unique cotigan knit
    topshop beige knit
    zara leggings
    aldo wedges
    thifted knit scarf

    Cool thing about London no. 346, turn around and you'll find a great opportunity for a photo. This looks like something taken in downtown san francisco... (?) Well I would not know, but it was a well deserved cinnamon latte.

Chance of rain

    h&m yellow coat
    h&m pants
    asos beanie
    zara boots
    lindex bag
    When I came to London a little over a year ago I decided on the first day that I am not going to let the rain bother me, or I would be complaining all the time... so even if it's pouring every other day, I don't really notice that any more.

out of commission


    I don't know how else to put this but at the moment I'm recovering from a minor surgical procedure and it'll be very difficult to blog regularly for a while. It's nothing too serious, just really unbelievably painful and I won't be fully recovered for another month. I also can't keep up with my difficult 8am to 5:30pm schedule in this condition, so I have to drop two of my classes and take them next semester instead. So yup, I can't graduate this Spring like I'd intended to and I have to live with this for the next few weeks. I'm confused, worried, and disappointed but I just have to remember that it could be much worse. Thankfully I have my amazing boyfriend who has been taking care of me on his days off and has made the pain a lot more bearable even when the vicodin doesn't seem like enough. Even with all of these sudden changes to my life, I'm trying my best to keep my head up and not end up depressed but it's going to be difficult. Thanks for hanging in there, guys.

Best of New York part 2

    Rodarte                                        Calvin Klein

          Adam                                          Alexander Wang 

    Reed Krakoff                                     Jeremy Laing

    Wayne                                         Rag & Bone

    Marchesa                                       Frank tell

    All images: New York mag

    Sorry for the huge amount of pictures.... I had problems with deciding.

Best of New York part 1

      Doo.Ri                               Jeremy Laing

     Preen                                           Thakoon

        Derek Lam                               Tommy Hilfiger

         Rodarte                                Alexander Wang   

    Matthew Ames                                          Adam     

    All images: New York mag

    So New York fashion week is now complete and it's finally moving over to.... LONDON, so exciting! shows actually started on friday and I can't wait to see more! Here are my favorite looks from new york. Enjoy!