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Dilan Walpola claw ring giveaway

     picture courtesy of olive shoppe

    This week I am teaming up with the fantastic Olive shoppe to give one of you this beautiful claw ring by Dilan Walpola!

    The ring is made of silver and adjustable so will fit all, for more details click here


White and wide

    zara shirt
    h&m waistcoat
    zara bag

    I wore yet another new leather waistcoat the other day, I've realised it goes with everything I own and looks nice zipped up as well... I'm sure you'll see it worn many different ways within the weeks to come.

    I'm having somewhat difficult converting to fall, this week it's been promised to be around 25 degrees here in london, which is really nice but (dare I say) somewhat boring..


Dalmatians on my nails

    topshop nailswraps

    I tried the dalmatian nail wraps from topshop's unique collection, and I have to admit I absolutely love them! not just do I love the print on everything but especially on my nails... most fun I've done nail-wise in a long time or maybe ever.. I'm five.

central park and shake shack

    vintage linen shirt, Saint James striped shirt, Theory shorts, vintage Coach satchel, Karen Walker sunglasses, Rachel Comey Miner boots

    And here's the only other outfit I photographed in New York. It's kind of hard to be creative when you're working out of a tiny suitcase in unexpected weather. Same shorts, same bag... at least the shoes are different? Anyway, wore this to explore Central Park and hit up Shake Shack to see what all the hype was about.


    So does Shake Shack compare to In-N-Out? I can only say that it wouldn't be fair to compare the two since they're two different things: Shake Shack was less of a fast food chain to me and more of a gourmet eatery. Plus In-N-Out is just something I grew up with that tastes familiar now matter where I go, you know? But that's just me I guess. Nevertheless it was delicious, so delicious in fact that I ended up going back and spending a total of $20 there that day. (Granted I never wanted to eat again after devouring a double cheeseburger, cheese fries, soda, and milkshake....)

    shake shack
    hiking boots

    "Under Your Spell" - Desire (I'm addicted to the Drive Soundtrack haha)

Elves at Aminaka Wilmont

    Preparations before the show, backstage at Aminaka Wilmont. The collection was inspired by Scandinavian changeling, where the signature jersey pieces were transformed in to a more structural, fairytale like collection.

    the hair was done by Kenna and his creative ghd team. They started off by braiding the hair in sections.

    whereafter the braids were straighted and comb through..

    a straighted clip was added on the side, leaving the ears sticking out to enhance the whole fairytale like feel.

    overall a beautiful collection complimented with a extraordinarily hair, wouldn't you agree?
    a huge thank you to ghd for taking me backstage.




David koma shoes

    Beautiful shoes backstage at David Koma

Tuesday at LFW

    zara jacket
    cos jumper
    jimmy choo shoes
    alpha saphir watch
    DIY american apparel clutch

    photos by jen
    For a day at LFW I wore my new zara coat over a thick suba jumper in the hopes of fighting off this cold.. I added a beautiful helmut lang skirt, that I sadly managed to rip within the first hours of the day. I should not act that surprised as I went with pairing a delicate jersey piece, that I am way too short for, with a spiky boots...

    for a bag I wore the originally black clutch, that after the paint job from last fall looks better everyday. I've used it as a computer case ever since to get that perfect distressed finish.


LFW snapshots


    beef bulgogi bun

    Here are the snapshots that I promised from Smorgasburg. Like I'd mentioned earlier, we didn't have as much time as anticipated to sample more but we were satisfied with what we got. The view was amazing as well with the clouds clearing over Manhattan so we ate our food right by the waterfront. Someone left a comment on my last post wondering how I could wear shorts in seemingly cold weather but the photos are deceiving: it was actually hot and humid. TOO hot and humid. One of my friends actually asked me how I could go out in a long sleeved shirt and hat... I don't know what I was thinking either.

    chicken tacos
    beef bulgogi bun
    shrimp balls
    hot dog

    From top to bottom: Choncho's chicken tacos, beef bulgogi bun from We Rub You, hot dog from Asia Dog, shrimp teriyaki balls from Mimi and Coco.

    in heaven

    Looking back I wish we hadn't missed most of the vendors since I have no idea when I'll be back. I was bummed that I didn't get to buy anything from Whimsy & Spice since Jenna has been one of my favorite bloggers for quite some time now (thank for trying to get Mark to look out for me while he was packing up, I wish it had worked out!) For years I've been meaning to order something from their store but keep slipping up... I finally got my chance at Dean & Deluca right before I left and picked up a pack of brown sugar gingerspice cookies for Brent since he's also a fan. Unfortunately I didn't even get to try one since he took them with him to work and finished them all on Bart without saving me one. Rude!

    all donepier
    east river