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Gym pants

    asos knit
    zara jacket
    hm pants
    nicholas kirkwood shoes
    fashionology rings
    zara bag

    pics by tasha

    Taken actually a while ago but I am still loving these pants... gym pants maybe but beats a pair of boring leggings anytime.



    blitz sport jacket
    old zara jeans
    barbara bui shoes

    Yesterday I finally took out my karate jacket that I bought last summer. That's right.. insted of buying a sports inspired one that seems to pop up everywhere I bought a real one from an online sports shop, and I kinda love it. I did take me a year to put it on but I think I might get surprisingly much wear out of it this season...

    ps. I listed some of my shoes in the shop!

    And congrats to Frida for winning the mtv x gillette style competition! more about it here..


Wang for day and night

    Amazing wang shoes for autumn and current season bags... That buckle baby is highest up on my wishlist at the moment!! (and it would be bff's with my belt)


Buckle up thursday

    margiela shirt
    topshop belt
    vintage jeans
    zara pumps

    Today I wore a super versatile topshop belt that I now want to pair up with everything I own.. it's been ridiculosly cold again so I took out my favorite topshop knit but was still freezing. The added scarf is nothing but a few meters of chiffong, left it with raw edges the way I like it.. so just a few much loved, simple basics to keep me warm that afternoon.


true faith

    Gap denim jacket, Hope cropped top, vintage maxi skirt, vintage lace up boots

    Wore this on Monday, I think? Went to get Vietnamese food at Out The Door in the mall and caught Bridesmaids at the Metreon. I also thoroughly embarrassed myself in the park outside the theater by almost falling into the water a couple times.......


    Ohh and I guess I'm going to Russian River this weekend for a friend's birthday! Hopefully it'll be a decent break from reality like Coachella was because I really need it right now.


perfection x 2

    Currently two favorite looks, both ss helmut lang.. soughting after that high slit jersey skit, and how amazing is that knit...?

    ps. get the pieces here

nowhere fast

    Saint James striped top, chambray top c/o bb dakota, april 77 jeans, rachel comey bernard platforms, coach satchel

    Pictures from happy hour last week. Megan and I wore the same jeans and drank beers at Thee Parkside while trying to figure out why this photo of her from the last time we were there blew up on Tumblr (and landed on a couple thinspo sites??) Oh well! What else have I been up to... umm, I dyed my hair? Other than that, everything is pretty much the same I suppose. Nothing too exciting.


    I don't think I ever talked about my Ina shirt here, did I? I'm a huge Ina Garten fan and had been looking for an oversized chambray shirt everywhere since I figured that would be the closest I could get to her even with my mediocre cooking skills weighing me down (I'm more of a Jeffrey to be quite honest). Oh Ina, oh Ina! But really, how awesome is it that she quit her government job and ended up where she is now? Okay aside from that Make A Wish fiasco I still think she's pretty freaking awesome.



    vintage kimono
    luk ap shirt
    h&m maxi skirt
    alexander wang shoes

    Not having the easiest week, so I'm glad it's over.

    But hey let's talk about the dress instead... I wore an old shirt, same as here and then just tied it in to a mess with a full length maxi skirt. I guess it could be done a million different ways... also a bit weird that the shirt is an old random one form italy and the skirt is h&m but still they are similar enough are to pass as a dress..

    and last reminder to remember to vote for your gillette favourite outfit over at


Blue jeans

    zara jacket
    vintage scarf
    DKNY jeans
    zara mens knit
    moroccan bag
    tom ford sunnies

    Looks like it's blue jeans week on the blog.. I (and many others) have been on the look out for flare jeans for quite some time... The problem is they are never quite flare enough. These are at least a start, I grabbed them from a sample sale, but was told they are current season..

    My beib is out of town golfing again, I'm alone, forgotten and abandoned... emptying my secret candy stash and so on. Luckily my cousin was in town this week, so thanks Stina for snapping these shots the other day


Ihanaa leijonat

    topshop knit
    bikbok waitcoat
    gina tricot jeans
    topshop shoes
    ysl ring

    pics by tasha

    Can you guess why I'm wearing blue white and gold...?



See through

    Loving clear plastic things atm. something I wouldn't have taken seriously a while ago. Jil sander plastic bag, margiela plexi clutch.. I am sure many are with me on this one right? Colored plastic - also nice but maybe that is for another post.

    we have h&m bag & necklace and margiela shoes and rings

    ps. Should have totally added my prada plexi shoes to the bag aswell

Taking gold

    h&m against aids waistcoat
    zara shirt
    aa shorts
    acne boots

    Just a quick outfit from the week, it's been amazingly summery but now we are back to leather jacket weather again. 

    But enough about the weather, how about finland taking gold tonight in the ice hockey world championships?! CRUSHING sweden 6-1... yeeaahhh being a huge hockey hooligan I could give anything to be in my home country tonight... Finns, drink on my behalf!


On the road

    Hii again... the blog has been a bit quiet due to my guest blogging on finnish site Lily.. I posted a couple about london shopping and street style so make sure to check them out here.. either I am really slow on writing or things just take longer than thought? but I am back now and lily will be on a break until fashion week.

    aaanyway here are few shots from the road, mostly amsterdam where I had to master the cobble stones with my JC lanas...

    I'm wearing cos overalls, zara shirt, jc shoes, zara bag, vtg raybans, morocco rings and custom made jacket