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Sparkly shine

    Okeeeeyy... you need to see these! I already had a few fooled but I am happy to tell you that these sparkly things are not miu miu... but from river island! designed by the lovely sammy goff.. some may remember me talking about an internship that I got the chance to do, so... it was over at the river island shoe design department! It was so exciting and I enjoyed every second of it! I saw these a while back in the office and now I can finally let you know that they are available in stores...

    Thank to every one over at river island... x

    ps. sorry for not posting so much lately.. Uni is sucking the life out of me right now... got to love it though.


parkas and pancakes

    saint james striped top, parka from a korean boutique, genetic denim jeans courtesy of revolve, low top converse

    I'm in LA right now visiting family and I've already realized that I didn't bring enough for this 2 or 3 week trip. I naively thought I could get away with shorts and tops but it actually rained here today. Why didn't I pack this parka when I haphazardly put together the contents of my suitcase? Why is the weather even like this in late May? My list of grievances just continues to grow, doesn't it?

    For now, I'll just take advantage of endless snacks in my parent's pantry, Dodger games on local TV, and whatever else comes up to relieve me of my boredom (psst anyone want to hang out while I'm here?). Although I REALLY would like to be back up north since I'm currently experiencing an insane craving for pancakes from Mama's. Anyone know where I can find really amazing pancakes in LA? Maybe I'll track down the Buttermilk Truck one of these days and check them out...

    buttermilk pancakes

NEXT preview

    Thank you to the lovely people over at Next for inviting me to your AW showroom! Is it just me or are they're design getting more and more exciting....? The upcoming collection had influences from D&G, Chloe, Burberry... and many more. I love it. My favorite, that I almost walked away in, was the clog boots!! they will be mine as soon as the collection launch in just a few months! also loved the aviator jackets and the sleek tops and dresses in leather..

camp vivier 2010

    Excuse me while I kick myself for not booking a flight to LA in time for Refinery 29's East/West Tag Sale. In addition to skipping out on Thursday's kick off party, I also missed out on the debut of Clare Vivier's CAMP VIVIER collection at 50% off. 50% OFF?! Now that's just not fair. The collection is available online of course but I don't really have the money to spend at the moment. Oh well. I'd originally been saving up for the messenger bag but I may just end up changing my mind when I get the money for this one. BF's sister actually has the all leather Trop├ęzienne bag in brown but I think I'd prefer the canvas one because of the color contrast. What do you think? Should I save up for my original bag or go for the summer-friendly canvas tote? If you haven't already had the chance, check out the rest of Clare Vivier's collection and her blog.

Heat wave

    topshop dress
    jeffrey campbell clogs

    pictures by Tasha

    Looks like the summer is finally here.. and I am soaking in every tropical second of it. Pics taken over the weekend, in hyde park.. who knew an over crowded, bird filled field in the middle of busy London could actually pass for an exotic beach when you close your eyes and forget about reality for a while...

    in more important news... the winner of the marc jacobs ring is Sabrina yeeyy congrats!! thank you to everyone who took part! your comments and ideas have been lovely to read! I assure you there will be more giveaways coming up soon..

    I am still working on going through your questions.. I'll post answers soon.. I might also finally post some pics of my shoe shelf..

    Hope you all have a sunny week


the melancholy of a disenchanted anime fan

    h&m tunic and trench, citizens of humanity jeans courtesy of revolve, vintage boots, ray ban wayfarers, marc by marc jacobs bag
    , black peace now bow

    Japantown date was a mild success saved only by delicious food and the fact that BF was there to keep me company. Hair refused to cooperate, weather was weird (60s + wind? in late May? are you kidding me?!), Muni was annoying as ever, blah, blah, etc. Let's focus on the nice things in life, yes? The trip started out with ramen at Suzu (which I've already blogged about and was delicious as always) and a quick walk around the Japanese mall before popping in to New People for Blue Bottle coffee. BF was preparing to roast a 9 pound chunk of pork for dinner and had to leave me at 5pm to baste it. So why didn't I go with him? I had to stick around for the North American premiere of my favorite anime film, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. Yes, I went alone and no, I do not have any friends up here who are as into anime as I am. Maybe I cared for a second, but I wasn't about to force BF to go with me although he did offer to accompany me.



    Oh hi, cutie! And look at the sandals (below) which he ordered from OAK just in time for summer. But yes, the movie. I've been writing a long rant for the past 30 minutes but decided to scrap it, maybe that's just something I should keep to myself. Let's just say it involved creepy male anime fans from all over the country who are probably legitimately in love with anime characters, a mini crisis where I questioned my own sanity for going to that screening alone*, and a renewed appreciation for where I stand as an anime fan. Not quite obsessed, but not just a casual viewer. I just really like it, okay? Okay. Although maybe this outfit wasn't such a good idea in a place where I didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb...

    *by this I should clarify that by then I'd already watched the movie over five times since I wrote half of my senior seminar's final research paper on it and it was a bit absurd to be purposely hanging around there alone with all these overtly crazy people. My real problem wasn't about being alone, it was about being in a situation where I made an effort to see something I'd already seen and felt weird upon realizing I may be just like them. Eeeesh. At least I didn't audibly gasp and say "OMG!" in a creepy way every time a certain cute character came on? You have no idea how many times I shuddered during the movie. People are so weird.



66000 volts

    american apparel hat
    primark dress
    zara bag
    zara jacket
    zara clogs
    lapponia & marc jacobs rings
    other jewellery vintage
    nails inc. 'Diet coke limited edition' nail polish in 'london'

    Found this little alley just off bond street while shopping in london a few days back.. the amazing thing is that every dumpster back alley around here looks like this, and makes my daily photo sessions really easy..

    I decided to have a little Q&A so if there anything you would like to know.. you can ask.

    also thank you to everyone who's taking part in my giveaway! It's still on until sunday so scroll down to participate!

dinner at garibaldi's

    battered fried squash blossom

    Had a great time at Garibaldi's in Oakland with my friend Mikey's family after his graduation. Did it ever cross my mind that having both steak tartare and a grilled new york steak would be too excessive? Maybe for a split second. I definitely recommend this place if you're in the area. The restaurant has recently been split in half to add a less expensive sister restaurant Marzano which I hear is equally as delicious.

    hand-cut french fries
    steak tartare
    steak tartare on crostini
    fried asparagus
    new york steak
    dulce de leche pot de creme

    So umm, someone has been partying/enjoying life a little bit too hard post finals and forgot she had planned to start blogging a lot more. Oh well! Imagine my surprise when I logged on to my Google Reader and found my makeup-less mug on Joanna's blog. It was definitely a great way to start my day since I've been following her blog for years so THANK YOU!! For anyone who is new to this blog: hello, and I hope you guys will stick around longer because I have tons of food trips and outfits planned for this summer. (Scratch the planned outfits part, I usually just grab what I can find...)

Marc Jacobs ring GIVEAWAY

    So here is my new marc by marc jacobs spiral ring... do you like it..? I hope so because I have one extra in size 7 that I am giving away to one lucky reader!!

    I am doing this as a thank you to all you wonderful people that have taken time to read and comment on 5 inch and up! you guys are pretty amazing and I am very grateful.


    giveaway ends on sunday whereafter I will pick a winner!

    ended.. thank you to every one that took time to comment! 



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From saturday night

    aqua dress
    miu miu heels
    topshop clutch
    ysl & vintage rings

    This was what I wore to my friends birthday party last saturday.. I am totally in love with the beautiful designs by Aqua.. and with a dress like this I just felt that I had to go all 90's with the hair! I had so much fun with the fro, totally have to go back to it soon!