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It tells of a talking raven's mysterious visit

    chanel sunglasses
    eva larsson for lindex top
    h&m shorts
    london market poncho blanket
    marc jacobs bag
    prada shoes

    pictures by tasha

    Pictures taken back in london, that I already long back to... this poncho is my official hungover saver.. love how marykate it is. I am now about to go out in helsinki.. hoping things will never change.

    I got these shoes a while ago and I swear they are the most comfortable ever! I am extra excited about the fact that you see how the feet arch - what a turn on.

quick quick quick

    saint james striped top, gap legging jeans courtesy of lucky magazine, vintage oxfords and sunglasses

    Photos are from last week while I was still in the Bay Area, I'm currently in LA for a quick trip to see family until tomorrow. No idea how I managed to look so peppy for the camera when I had just spent the entire day feeling like death at work with the sniffles. Still managed to have fun shooting at the warehouse with Carolina and Mattias though. I love them! Oh, and Yogurtland too, even if I go twice a week since it's a block away...




    It’s not easy to stand still in this silky fringe poncho, especially when you have the salty breeze of the gulf of finland throwing it around, it’s almost as if it was made for a situation like this, but then again I can see myself wearing it all summer-everywhere. And with the pace that I am stuffing myself with all the amazing food here, it will be the only thing I’ll fit in.

    thank you to sweetheart Jillian from headmistress for gifting my with this beautiful ‘easily-mistaken-for-a-butterfly’ feather ring!

Teach me how to say...

    h&m dress
    alexander wang heels

    pictures by tasha

    Sorry for my absence and the dramatic poses... actually I am well and on a island on the cost of finland, celebrating midsummer in front of the bonfire and with 24 hours of sun light. In other words my summer vacation just started!

    hope you all are well and enjoying the summer!


    thanks to covert-candy for the feature! you can read my interview here

no. 6 clogs at creatures of comfort

    clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4

    BF hates clogs yet I still love them. He always makes a point of texting me whenever I post something about clogs on my Twitter just to tell me that he thinks they're disgusting. Good thing I never listen to him, I mean, look at these colors! I don't even know where to start. The strappy blue ones maybe?

    (Look at me pretending to think that I can actually bring myself to buy a pair, hmph. I need a second job...)


    aqua dress
    ysl boots

    pictures by Tasha

    Playing around in the bathroom of sketch - probably one of my favorites - defiantly one of the coolest restaurant in london.. expect nothing else than a complete mind-fuck in everything from interior to dished served.. and lets not even go there with the drinks.. got to love it, a must see in town - keep all your senses alert.

    thank you we love colors for providing me with the socks, who knew there was so many colors in the world...

can you guess what my new favorite word is?

    kasil workshop x taylor jacobson geek jeans courtesy of tobi, thrifted silk shirt, h&m t-strap heels,
    coach willis satchel
    via chictopia's chic rewards

    Yes, I'm posting more than once this week. Yes, these photos are recent. Yes, I am wearing (clip on) extensions. No, I am not tired of my short hair, I just whipped these out 'cause I was feeling a little saucy when I had to shoot vintage for Nasty Gal. This may just be because I'm fickle, but I actually like looking completely different for a change in a way that does not require a new outfit style or wardrobe. I'm currently unable to go shopping since I only really make enough at the moment to satiate my inability to refrain from eating delicious food. More on that in a later post though.

    Marisa from Tobi sent over these jeans from the Kasil Workshop x Taylor Jacobson collaboration. I picked the loosest cut since I wear skinny jeans at least five times a week and was feeling saucy about trying something new. The color's pretty interesting to work with too, I haven't really seen anything similar in stores recently. I hope I'm not abusing this penchant for neutral palettes by always straying away from darker colors in borderline sterile outfits like these...

    Anyway, I was also saucy lucky enough to win this Coach satchel (which I already own in black) from Chictopia's Chic Rewards section. By lucky, I mean that my two year membership resulted in an insane amount of chic points that weren't really dented by the "purchase" while most users didn't have enough for it. I'm really sorry guys, but I promise I'll use the crap out of it. While we're on that topic, is anyone interested in possibly winning some points? I could arrange a little something or other if you'd like. I wish I could just give most of mine out through some sort of gifting program, I'm sure others would benefit from them much more. This bag is MINE though.


wear your heart on your shoe

    comme des garcons play x converse
    comme des garcons play x converse
    comme des garcons play x converse hi tops courtesy of tobi

    Was going through my flickr until I realized that I'd never posted these photos... unfortunately, most of the outfits that I've attempted to shoot with these shoes end up being too casual to post. Cute story: I actually wore them all throughout finals and whenever I'd feel down, I'd look at my feet, smile, and perk up enough to get through that hour or day. I should probably be more careful with them since I wear 'em out so much but I love them to death.

    (this is something I've been wanting to attempt with this blog: more random snapshots accompanied by a few words or nothing at all. comments turned off since these are for my own personal records...)

perfect summer outfit + refinery 29

    zara dress and clogs, american apparel floppy hat

    Here's the outfit that was featured in this Refinery 29 article! When I was asked to photograph my favorite summer outfit, I couldn't think of anything other than this one which I already wore in a post from last year. My quote's a little cheesy but it was the best I could do without sounding too pseudo-poetic about an outfit... seriously, how much more can I say about what I'm wearing? Nevertheless, take a look at the whole article, it's fun to get others' perspectives. Although really, what's up with the upsurge of negative anonymous comments there? Do people really hate their own lives that much? Jeez.


Double take

    zara white shirt
    zara skirt
    mango dress
    golden pony sunglasses
    jeffry campbell clogs

    pictures by tasha

    Two outfits-one inspiration.. I guess me and zara are not the only ones who love everything phoebe philo does for celine... see the original collection here.

    + thank you golden pony for gifting me with these sunnies! I was lucky enough to receive other things from them too.. look for that in future posts... check out the store here

still not a great blogger...

    lanston top (thanks Carly at Marked PR!), citizens of humanity jeans, thrifted lace up booties (not pictured)

    Too lazy to put on shoes, but hey! I'm blogging. At this point I should be called the Queen of Comfort since most of the week I'm stuck in this long sleeved top + skinny jeans + lace up boots uniform with very little variations. This may have been the only day in the past week that I haven't woken up at 7am to watch the World Cup. The earliest games for those of us on the West Coast are actually at 4:30am, but I end up catching those on my computer while I watch another game. I also end up missing some of the later 11:30am games due to work but again, I somehow always manage to catch the ESPN3 replays. My three favorite teams are Spain, Mexico, and the USA: while I was raised watching and rooting for Mexico, since I'm American, I'm inclined to support USA, even if they did upset my team Spain in the Confederations Cup last year. La Furia Roja has been my favorite team to watch these past few years (love you #14 Alonso!) and although they were unlucky and lost their first game against Switzerland, it's about time they finally won a World Cup.

    I've been getting complaints about how obsessed I am on Twitter which don't really phase me of course, but I can't help but think that some people really aren't giving the World Cup a chance, especially here in the US. I was raised in a family that only played and watched football so it's natural for me to be this into it but I've talked to a couple people who never really understood it until they tuned in and began to comprehend how wonderful The Beautiful Game is on this global scale. Where else will you see people from all over the world so obsessively united behind one sport? Maybe the Olympics, but there are so many different events to watch that it's difficult to be into every single one of them. When you do find a team to root for, you end up so caught up in the game that you'll find yourself screaming at the TV after every play, call, and goal. If you're American and you still haven't seen any of USA's games, please watch their next one against Algeria. If they win, they have a chance to advance to the next round!

    lanston tops

    Sorry guys, I'll try my best to post. My current schedule consists of World Cup games, work, sleep, and spending some time with friends or BF. I've been receiving a couple exciting emails and packages in the mail and have been trying to figure out how to share it with everyone (hint hint: another giveaway maybe?)

Take my hand

    rings: lapponia on index, fashionology armor, forever 21 black cross (thank you jane e valentine) and vintage
    nails inc. nail polish

    Close ups from last night.. I'll show you guys the outfit soon..

    and a special thank you to chic modern vintage for the feature!