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sushi at the open door japanese izakaya

    salmon roll

    I'm going through some serious LA food withdrawals and these photos are not helping. Right before I left I finally got to try this little place in the valley called The Open Door in Monterey Park. We tried to go here the last time I was down but the place was so crowded that the wait would have been an hour! This time around we got here right when it opened and easily got a seat. 5-7 also happens to be their happy hour!! I wish I could describe how delicious everything was but all I can really do is show these photos and leave it to your imaginations. The highlights were definitely the salmon sashimi with a garlic citrus soy sauce and the, wait for it, TRUFFLE BUTTER edamame!

    If you're in the area, go to The Open Door for dinner! Even with a carafe of peach Chu-Hi it only came out to around $16 per person plus tip and tax. It's definitely not your traditional sushi place but worth a try if you're curious. The people there are extremely nice and the chef is super friendly!

    happy hour


    salmon sashimi with garlic citrus soy

    truffle butter edamame

    chicken karaage


first days in Obertauern

    zara coat
    vintage fur boots

    Some pictures from the small, cute town + something I wore to the local supermarket. 

    So excited I finally got to wear my snow boots, mom has a similar pair that I used to steal back in the days.. Got these ones from a secondhand store in Finland.. Not everyone loves them but thats ok, I do.

something different

    Paige Premium Denim Lou Lou Flare in Black Diamond and Hope tux blazer via Revolve Clothing, vintage silk shirt, Swedish Hasbeens

    Yes, I am wearing flares. Yes, I chopped off my hair. My first reaction? WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER? Cutting it was actually very last minute, my appointment was actually for a body wave perm but I opted out the day before. I've had my hair short for the past few days and have not had to do anything to it since it just magically dries like this. If you guys have been keeping up with my tweets, I've also been testing out these Paige flares that Revolve Clothing sent me as part of a series on denim collaborations between my blog and theirs. I really can't remember the last time I wore flared jeans... maybe it was in 8th grade? I'd actually been contemplating changing things up with flares but just couldn't bring myself to dive in and purchase a pair. Well hey, why not try now? I suppose I'm going through some strange phase where I'm experimenting with new styles and reinventing my image while still remaining true to what I already like.


    My final verdict? These jeans are great! They're formfitting like skinny jeans until they hit the knee and flare out without being too extreme. I've already worn them three times since I received them and will probably put them on again today! They're actually surprisingly comfortable, stretchy, and holy crap, look at my rear end. I have a butt! In the end, I'm glad I tried something new and I'll definitely continue to step outside the box and try styles that I don't usually go for.

    paige flares

    Guess what guys? Like the last post but with a little twist, we're giving away THREE pairs of the Paige Lou Lou jean (colors based on availability: Diamond, White Stretch Destruction, Coast, Black Diamond, Rebel or Sardinia) to my readers. To enter you must comment on this post by providing your email and and pasting a link to your favorite Paige jean on Revolve. You can find the selection here

    Please note that by entering this competition you are agreeing to receive emails from Only one entry per email address will be accepted. Open to both domestic and international readers!

    Closing date for entries is Tuesday, April 6th.

    Last week's entries are being processed and the winner will be announced tomorrow!! Good luck with this contest as well, I'm excited to see what you guys have to say.

    ps. for those of you who asked, my nail color in the last post from Essie in Tart Deco.


    gina tricot knit
    din sko boots
    zara bag
    chanel tattoos

    It was a quick stop at London on friday, just to change the content of my suitcase. Later we arrived at Obertauer, Austria, where I will spend my easter skiing.. The place is absolutely beautiful and I already have some amazing images I’ll post soon!
    These pics where taken in Finland a few days back… As you can see the sun was so bright I had to spend the whole week with my eyes half closed, but not complaining about that though.

    Happy Easter everyone xx

Helsinki am.

    topshop goat fur
    zara bag
    cos shirt
    gina tricot sweatpants
    zara boots
    gucci sunglasses
    asos beanie

    Pictures by Stefanie
    I got this coat a few months back... It doesn't really look like a high-street buy and I am treating it as my baby... Spotted it last year in several mags and visited topshop everyday to see when it was in. My wait was rewarded, the straightened black hair-like fur is perfection.

grilled cheese truck in la

    cheesy mac and rib melt

    Although I'd lived in LA for most of my life up until I was 18, this wave of food trucks is relatively new to me since I'm only here for a couple days at a time when I'm on vacation. Of course, I'm used to the occasional taco truck stop every now and then but this was my first time driving out to track down the Grilled Cheese Truck in Hollywood. My friend Karen is a regular customer but we agreed that I HAD to try it this week while I'm home.

    After waiting 20 minutes the truck finally showed up and a huge line quickly formed. I was contemplating getting the special, a pretzel melt with salami, smoked gouda, and spicy mustard (pictured below), but I changed my mind and went with a cheesy mac and rib melt (pictured above) plus tomato soup. Ohhhhh my, it was fantastic! If you want to try the mac and cheese melt, you HAVE to get it with BBQ pork and caramelized onions. If the line hadn't been so long I probably would have ordered a second round. I'm not joking, when I really like something, I obsess over it. Part of me is really tempted to make another trip before I leave but that probably won't happen since I don't have a license :X

    pretzel melt with gouda and salami

    tomato soup

    In any case, if you get the chance, track down the Grilled Cheese Truck, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Don't forget to follow them on Twitter! I'm bummed that I won't have the time to try other food trucks until I come back in the summer. I especially wanted to visit the Nom Nom Truck yesterday in Pasadena but I wasn't able to make it in time! Sorry Jennifer, hopefully next time!

... and the bride wore Wang

    French connection dress
    aldo shoes 
    Chanel tattoos
    Lapponia ring

    Pictures from the beautiful wedding that took place in Helsinki on saturday. To be honest I did not know which side to take in church because the groom was a relative, but I was more involved with preparations from the bride's side. I designed the red bridesmaid dresses, but was a little nervous about the turnout because I did not have a chance to see the finished dresses live until the bridesmaids walked down the aisle... Luckily all three looked gorgeous. I might also had a little something to do with getting that amazing Vera Wang 'Diana' dress (and matching VW invitations) over to Finland... 

    It was a beautiful wedding and we all had a lot of fun! of course my night turned even better when I catched the bouquet...

    I could not decide what to wear until half an hour before the wedding, but the Chanel tattoos were planned long before... don't they look amazing? I want to wear them all summer long!

let me tell you a something about my denim

    Genetic Denim Shane Cigarette in Silver and Kain Dolman Shirt via Revolve Clothing, Zara platforms, vintage sunglasses

    Anyone catch the Real Housewives of New Jersey reference in the title? No? Okay. Well, this is exactly what this post is about: denim. The other day I was counting all of the jeans that I have and I am not ashamed to admit that I currently have at least 15 pairs. Blue jeans, black jeans, light jeans... you name it. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing dresses and skirts but jeans are so much more easy to work with. Can you imagine how excited I was to be able to work with Revolve Clothing on this little denim project?


    I actually had never tried Genetic Denim until now and I was surprised to find out how soft they are when I first put them on. Even my friend Karen commented on how much she had wanted a pair after trying on a pair! If you have a chance though, try them out. They're seriously soft and fit my body well without being too tight. Did I mention how comfortable they are? I'm even wearing them right now while watching kdramas, hehe.

    I'd also been looking for gray jeans for a while which I could wear with light colored outfits for spring. In this post I went with the usual tucked in silk shirt (this cuffed Kain one is perfect for anyone who is still looking) and tan platforms. These jeans are also very light and wearable in warm weather and can easily be worn with a loose tank top in the summer.

    genetic denim shane cigarette in silver

    If you're interested, here's your chance to win a free pair! We’re giving away 1 pair of these jeans (Genetic Shane Cigarette in Silver) to readers. To enter you must comment on this post by providing your email and pasting a link of your favorite Genetic Jeans on Revolve. Find the selection here:

    Please note that by entering this competition you are agreeing to receive emails from Only one entry per email address will be accepted. Open to both domestic and international readers!

    Closing date for entries is Tuesday, March 30.

    corner bakery cafe

    ETA: Here is another pickle picture for the ride. Thanks to Karen for taking my pictures! I edited the last post to include where her nail polish and ring were from but was also asked about my lipstick and sunglasses. The lipstick is the Morange one that I wrote about in this post (mixed with a lighter pink shade, Please Me, to make it more peachy) and my sunglasses are my best vintage find ever from a flea market.

    Good luck to everyone who enters!! I'm really excited to work with Revolve on this project and I appreciate your support. Look forward to more denim posts in the coming weeks!

corner bakery cafe

    corner bakery cafe

    Random photos from an outing today in Pasadena with my best friend Karen. Man I can never get enough of Corner Bakery when I'm home. Give me a ham & swiss pressed panini with tomato soup and I'm happy all day. I'm keeping this short because tomorrow's outfit post will be much more exciting with, psst, my first giveaway!

    ETA: Karen's nail polish is from American Apparel and her ring is from Forever 21! I, on the other hand, still haven't gone in for a manicure but if I had I'd be wearing Essie's Tart Deco...

    corner bakery cafe

    corner bakery cafe

    corner bakery cafe

    corner bakery cafe

    corner bakery cafe

    corner bakery cafe

    corner bakery cafe