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Forever 21 london launch

    Finally managed to sort through the pics from the forever 21 london launch! The party itself was amazingly entertaining and well organized, I have to give extra points for the 3D hologram fashion show! I had my uni deadline the morning after, which is my excuse for looking a bit tired in some of the photos..

    I wore a super old dress that I got from oasis a few years ago... I'm not sure why I picked it for the night, I think I was aiming for the most colourful piece in my wardrobe. It does look a bit carrie but I love the almost retro feel of it, suited in to the scenery for sure.

    The week after when the store properly launched I had the privilege to attend a preshopping event, the night before the big opening and just before I left london! I picked a few pieces and about 10 rings... you have to go check it out yourself, the 3 story giant we finally have on oxford street!

    I have to thank forever 21 for having me around, I had such a great time and will be hitting the store again as soon as I get back to london!

    I wore a margiela blazer and shorts, helmut lang knit, chloe sevigny x opening ceremony boots

    pics by me and stefanie

all business, no play

    A.P.C. trench coat, Equipment denim shirt, Alexander Wang pencil skirt, vintage Coach satchel, Karen Walker sunglasses, Rachel Comey boots

    "All business, no play." Can you believe some dude on the street hollered that at me as if it were a pick up line? What the hell? Seriously dude, you saw me from half a block away and that's the best you could come up with? COME ON!

    on the street

    Working on a mini make over for this blog. I haven't touched this layout in over two years so we'll see how far I get........

    "Pura Saudade (Nova Bossa Nova)" - Fantastic Plastic Machine

Nice one AA

    I am completely in love with the neon nail polish range from american apparel! I should have picked up the pink and blue while I was on it... might just turn out be the only one's I'll be wearing this summer...


I forgot I had you

    topshop blazer
    zara shirt

    photos by stefanie

    Heyy from finland.. I'm finally back after spending way too much of the summer in london.. within the last week in the city, it really felt like everyone had left... pubs and small streets empty while oxford street and the shops were filled with tourists. I just had to get a few things done before putting the busy life on hold for a little while.. today I am going to eat nothing fresh berries all day.

    These where taken on my last visit here, I blame celine's resort collection for making me take out this old blazer that now does look quite awesome right....? if only I had matching pants..



    pictures by me and stefanie

    So finally my sunday at lovebox in pictures! I have to admit I'm not the first one in the queue when it comes to festivals but the long list of impressive artists and the fact that this all was taking place only 15 min out from central london was the perfect excuse to get a night off from essay writing..

    Me and my sis had the privilege of being invited by who provided us with a shelter from the rain while nurturing us with delicious food and dangerous drinks... I also had a chance to browse through the upcoming collection when I was not balancing in the mud, struggling to see the acts... (fail-choice of shoes but hey I have to live up to my reputation right?)
    a million thanks to the lovely boohoo team for having us as guests!

    I wore my zara kimono that you already saw a few posts back, old denim shirt that I apparently love tying as pictured, a new amazing alexander wang leather waistcoat, that I hope to wear forever, topshop pants I wore way too much last winter (looks like they will continue being a favorite), a pair of now ruined opening ceremony boots!! an old but amazing prada fringe bag and random camden hat. That's a very long list but as rarely as I go to festivals, I really tried, right?!



    all saints scarf and jumper
    alexander wang shorts
    asos shoes

    photos by stefanie

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