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Slipping in to my favorite mood

    vintage knit
    topshop fur
    topshop pants
    ann demeulemeester boots

    photos by tasha

    A little break from fashion week photos with some taken in paris a few weeks back.. I've been wearing these boots almost every day... never knew I needed them so bad until I picked up this one pair in a parisian vintage shop.. fitted like a glove and the nice lady in the shop said a lot of things in french that I didn't understand but she smiled a lot and occasionally applauded. I guess it would have been out of place to walk out empty handed. The real reason being I knew I would have regretted it if I didn't go for it and in my head I was already making excuses like 'they found you... it's meant to be.. you always wanted these..' I could go on forever but you get the point.

    ps. happy birthday sister, I miss you

LFW - neon details

    In the hopes of trying to manage all my fashion week photos and having time to post them before I get bored, I divided them up a bit... streetstylewise there was a lot of color and surprisingly much neon - quite amazing for a freezing week in february but defiantly refreshing..

    ps. CLICK HERE  to check out a clip about me and my shoe collection by norwegian site minmote...

    and my finnish fashion week blog for more photos..


Aminaka wilmont aw11

    So as promised the rest of the pictures from the aminaka wilmont show... those boots are now my dream buy... beautiful paired with the flowy dresses.

    Quite simple I guess, but one of my favorite shows at LFW


Abbey lee and other cool kids backstage at john rocha

    The lovely abbey lee and other beautiful faces just before the john rocha show, which turned out to be great again, messy braids and chunky knits.. totally my kind of AW

    fashion week is done for my part.. almost a little relief there... now some catching up on uni, and sorting through thousands of fashion week photos for you