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We share our mothers health

    on me:
    elizabeth and james dress as top
    stylein draped shirt
    lucyd acyd tights
    wang shoes
    on steffi:
    h&m shirt
    vagabond shoes

    I am in the middle of packing stuffing all my stuff in a bag.. yess, it's time for me to go back to london. I'm gonna post next a little album of summer shots from finland.. then it's time to go back to the city-life..

    but before that I had to share these with you.. me and my sister, who I am gonna miss dearly when I leave finland.. her lion mane is ridic- it's never colored, never treated. Steffi and I have been together almost every day this summer and she's been my number one photographer. Love you and see you soon, sis

    and thank you lucyd acyd for gifting me with these awesome tights..