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Partial Recovery


    Gosh it's been a chaotic few days... I came home monday afternoon to a jammed computer and after a quick iphone google search of 'WHAT DOES A BLINKING QUESTION MARK ON A MAC MEAN!?!?!' I had to start mentally preparing for the worst for my hard drive.. long story short after 2 days of desperately trying everything from hard core flirting to helpless crying to the IT and mac people, I learned that I've lost it all.. or not ALL since I did a backup last year but I lost months of uni work and pretty much all the beauuutiful fashion week photos that I was saving for you... uuhuhu

    I was cheered up by so many of your nice comments and tips you tweeted to me (<3) and I need to thank samm for advising me that it is possible to recover some deleted pictures from memory card!!! genius, I had no idea that was possible!

    so I got back a few from the past weeks, better than nothing I guess... my clicking hard drive might have to go through surgery, but it does not look too promising..

    so that's what's been up... I've been so distracted that I did not even notice that spring just arrived here in london, maybe time to take the pink acne dress out again..