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     bec & bridge dress via christeric c
    greenbelt countryear wax coat
    topshop shoes

    photos by stefanie

    Last weekend, during my quick trip back home I could not pass on the opportunity to take some photos in the perfect fall weather! I wore a gorgeous dress from my friends new online store Christing c. that stocks some of my favorite brands, be sure to check it out..

    I picked up the coat last weekend when I visited helsinki horse show, it's one of those traditional english wax coats that I will attempt to make suitable for the city. My mom thinks it's funny and I agree, we have been wearing these in the stable since I was a kid. But you know, horse coat spray for my hair and a traditional wax coat to keep my dry, you got to work with what you have.

    I also got myself a cute dalmatian because the print is so hot right now!
    joking of course it's my sisters overly dramatic dog who just loves the attention.