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What I've been up to...


    So kinda the reason why I've been a bad blogger is because I have been putting most of my time in to my uni projects... I get quite a few emails and questions about my course and what it is about so I thought a few words on it could be in place.. I am on my 2nd year on a fashion design and marketing degree at london college of fashion. It is a very commercial degree where you learn to work on design development & construction supported by marketing reports, I would say LCF is quite a business driven university, especially journalism and PR are know to be very good degrees, if you want to do more art based design and think about launching your own collections, I would recommend central saint martins.

    I designed and made this dress as part of my latest project, the brief was to design something in jersey, sportswear or inspired by. The whole concept started from vintage tennis clothing so countless sketches and developments later this dress was what I decided to make.. there is a lot of work - both written and physical that needs to be put in to the projects, but I am not going to bore you with that now..

    so yeah.. that's pretty much my last few months.. I now have april off before I start my final project.. and instead of staying in london to sort out important things, catch up and so, I am going to morocco for a month!! yeah insane, but soooo exciting

    so I'll try my best to make up for my lack of posts with some 'chiffondressinthewindonadesert' photos


the beach? in march?

    eyelet dress c/o White Crow Boutique, Amper Tote c/o One Language, Rachel Comey boots, Ray Ban wayfarers

    If anyone needed a clearer example of how bipolar the weather is here in San Francisco, just look at my blog. A couple posts ago I was baring my legs at the beginning of the month then as the weeks progressed the weather got worse with a few nice days here and there. It's kind of hard to believe that in my last post less than a week ago I was wearing a heavy coat and oversized scarf when I post pictures from the beach like these! I had been wearing a different outfit earlier during a job interview and was sweating profusely in pants and a trench by the time I met up with Megan to enjoy the weather at the beach. I know 75 degrees isn't exactly burning hot (especially compared to the weather in LA, where I hear it almost reached 90) but here that's totally acceptable as beach weather. For further proof, refer to this post from last summer when Brent and I tried to have a picnic in this same location. Thanks, San Francisco!


    There were people around us in bikinis and beach wear but I'm not really into that so I just wore a simple dress and threw on an H&M cardigan when it was finally chilly around 7. Can you guess where we went to pick up food for a beach picnic? Look, I'm all for eating at amazing restaurants around the city (last night Brent and I went to Frances for our two year anniversary, totally deserved their Michelin star!) but sometimes you just really want Taco Bell. How can you go wrong at a place with a 99 cent burrito that has Fritos in it and has Mountain Dew as a fountain option? Seriously, you guys.

    Taco Bell

    And just for a little added bonus, here's a quick peek inside my bag. My red Millimeter Milligram is from Rare Device (they no longer stock it unfortunately), mini campus notebook is from a store in Japantown, make up bag is Fog Linen from Atomic Garden in Oakland, and I'm sure I don't have to list where everything else is from... one of these days I'll try to empty it out and show everything neatly organized.

    totes and boots

    By the way, I updated/reopened my shop blog with new things and deleted what was sold...

Writing breathe on a post-it

    acne shirt
    cos pants
    elin kling x hm necklace
    acne shoes
    river island nails polish

    photos by tasha

    Hey... finally I feel like I have my life back, handed my uni project in on monday and then slept for 18 hours. I sound like a broken record, but maybe now I finally have some time to catch up again..

    as you may have noticed I have been quite dedicated to wearing acne lately.. this shirt was one of the gems I picked up from from acne archive in stockholm

    thanks for all the supportive comments


old favorites

    H&M coat, H&M scarf, Citizens of Humanity jeggings, vintage lace up boots

    It was super chilly in SF yesterday so I pulled out this heavy coat from H&M that I've had for years. I haven't bought any new outerwear in a really long time (not including the A.P.C. trench) and it's nice to have these pieces which have served me well for the past few years. I think I picked up this oversized scarf around the same time; it's super ratty and old but I wear it to death anyway. I met up with Lulu for lunch (at our favorite local Chinese restaurant in the city, HAHAHAH) then we headed over to the Mission to meet with Ken from HIMYS. Luckily it didn't rain until they were finished with the shoot. Can't wait to see the pictures! I didn't have to pose (thankfully) this time around since it was Lulu's turn, maybe next time.

    Okay, time to finish watching the USA vs Argentina match. GO USA!


Barely there


    What is left from the 'balmainia'.. pimped old grey jeans.. just go bonkers with the bleach to get the look.. these were tucked far back in my jeans drawer.. but I pulled them back out and cut them open a few inched at the legs.. partially because it's +17 and sunny in london today..

    Sorry I haven't been able to give you 100 % with the blog lately... scary, end of term uni deadline on monday...


a.p.c. ss11

    A.P.C. SS11A.P.C. SS11

    A.P.C. SS11A.P.C. SS11

    A.P.C. SS11A.P.C. SS11

    Currently in a funk. I wish the weather were warmer.

Dust on my dress

    topshop hat
    weekday cuffs
    aqua dress
    lapponia index ring
    fashionology thumb ring
    alexander wang boots
    american apparel nail polish 

    The bricks again on a late night with my little friend, that needs to find a special place to go up on, I'm thinking maybe kitchen..

    Hmm feeling a bit guilty over the fact that I've been buying everything double lately.. I don't know if it started from the fact that these bracelets just look better worn as a pair or maybe I am just lazy, greedy or simply awful with making decisions... but if the shoe fits... buy it in every color

Mtv x gilette

    So finally.. the project I was filming in stockholm was a gilette venus campain for MTV! I was chosen to be the face of finland so my version will air on MTV finland in april...

    our day started at 4.45 with make-up..

    Ida was chosen from sweden and trine will be the face of denmarks commercial..

    Ida in her insane legs....

    we filmed in the botanical gardens in stockholm in very summery outfits..

     we got to choose out own outfits. I wore a very bright acne pink dress, american apparel clutch & river island feather necklace


    In the end of the day we shot studio photos and voice-over's.. each in our own languages. Fellow blogger annette was with us as the norwegian girl, bit sadly fell sick on the day of filming! she was fitted in to the clip later though.. I hope she feels better now..

    the campaign is called 'just legs' and will launch in april/may around a lookbook-style website where you all can upload some leggy outfit photos and win a whole new summer wardrobe! I'll be picking out my weekly favorites and promise to keep you updated along the way..

    We had all such a fun day and it was easy to work with such a great team! so a huge thanks to everyone involved, can't wait to see the final clip!!