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You asked for it..

    Hey everyone! so here you go.. a little bit of shoe porn for you. When I moved to london it turned out that finding the perfect shoe shelf was harder than I thought.. after a intense search I decided that the only way to get what I wanted.. was to build it myself. So after a lot of blood, toil, sweat and tears.. my life was finally in order again.

    and here are answers to some of your questions:

    I read that you're from Finland, so I would like to know how well do you speak Finnish?

    Yes I am finnish and speak it fluently but have swedish as my mother language (around 5 % of the people in finland are finnish-swedish)

    When did you move to London?
    Last summer.. I can not believe it’s been almost a year!

    What do you do for a living?
    I work as a freelance stylist, personal shopper and do some design jobs when I get the chance

    How tall are you?
    More like how short are you.. I am only 163 cm!

    Do you often visit to Finland?

    Not as often as I want to, but around every 3 month

    You study at a fashion academy, right? did you just search in for it or were you chosen?
    Yes I study at London college of fashion.. first I applied and got called in for an interview where I presented my portfolio and then got accepted.

    What made you decide to start blogging and how do you find the time to keep up with it?
    I have been reading blogs for years and planned to start my own for quite a while. When I finally got my life in order and moved to london, it felt like a good time. It does require some time and dedications but I hardly ever dress down so the stuff I wear in my post is what I wear to school or when I go out..

    What inspired the name of your blog?

    I wanted it to have something to do with high heels.. as I never really use flats. I did not want to go with anything typical so when I asked a friend what she though of 5 inch and up, she started laughing and said it’s misleading.. I knew it had to be it..
    What/who would you say are your biggest style influences?

    I read different magazines daily, both men’s and women’s. I am also aware of what is presented on the catwalks and like to take some of the elements and fit them in my style. Other blogs, especially street-style ones are the best for inspiration and ideas. Not just for the styling but also for the beautiful pictures.

    Who takes your photos?
    My boyfriend, who I live with.. and my lovely friend Tasha, who I am lucky to have

    What camera do you use?
    Canon EOS 500D... I can very much recommend it!

    What´s the biggest difference in dressing, between UK and Finland?
    I would say the style of dressing in the UK is very much street inspired with bold colors and daring ideas. I think the whole ‘london vintage market culture’ inspires a lot of young people and that is what london if know for. In finland the style is more minimalistic and simple, in a good way. People don't really flash the brands so to say..

    Why did you choose to study fashion in London, did you apply to any school in Finland?
    I applied to two schools in finland and LCF.. I only got a place at LCF so the choice was quite clear

    Can you do a post on your flat?
    YES! very much planning to do it! As soon as I clean it..


    ps. So I did not win the bloglovin competition, but THANK YOU to everyone that voted for me<3 there will soon be another giveaway!