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can you guess what my new favorite word is?

    kasil workshop x taylor jacobson geek jeans courtesy of tobi, thrifted silk shirt, h&m t-strap heels,
    coach willis satchel
    via chictopia's chic rewards

    Yes, I'm posting more than once this week. Yes, these photos are recent. Yes, I am wearing (clip on) extensions. No, I am not tired of my short hair, I just whipped these out 'cause I was feeling a little saucy when I had to shoot vintage for Nasty Gal. This may just be because I'm fickle, but I actually like looking completely different for a change in a way that does not require a new outfit style or wardrobe. I'm currently unable to go shopping since I only really make enough at the moment to satiate my inability to refrain from eating delicious food. More on that in a later post though.

    Marisa from Tobi sent over these jeans from the Kasil Workshop x Taylor Jacobson collaboration. I picked the loosest cut since I wear skinny jeans at least five times a week and was feeling saucy about trying something new. The color's pretty interesting to work with too, I haven't really seen anything similar in stores recently. I hope I'm not abusing this penchant for neutral palettes by always straying away from darker colors in borderline sterile outfits like these...

    Anyway, I was also saucy lucky enough to win this Coach satchel (which I already own in black) from Chictopia's Chic Rewards section. By lucky, I mean that my two year membership resulted in an insane amount of chic points that weren't really dented by the "purchase" while most users didn't have enough for it. I'm really sorry guys, but I promise I'll use the crap out of it. While we're on that topic, is anyone interested in possibly winning some points? I could arrange a little something or other if you'd like. I wish I could just give most of mine out through some sort of gifting program, I'm sure others would benefit from them much more. This bag is MINE though.