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Berry stains

    topshop fur
    simone shailes for topshop knit
    topshop pants
    jimmy choo shoes
    mulberry for target bag
    market rings
    revlon 663 lipstick

    photos by tasha

    It's finally cold enough to wear my fur! I had it for a year already but it's still one of those things I treasure like it was exclusive or vintage.. I'm scared to wear it cos it rain here at least once a day here and the straightened fur hair might curl up - maybe I'll try a straightening iron on that later.. the knit is old but treasured, I super loved the collection CSM graduate simone shailes did for topshop 2 years back.. I have another piece from the same collection and it is a even more amazing version of this... have to get that one out as well..

    and also I'm now in love with purple lipstick.

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