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Kimono + miu miu

    vintage 1920's kimono
    hervé léger dress
    vintage clutch
    topshop boots
    miu miu flower spats

    photos by tasha

    So this is what I wore on the night! I picked up this 1920's kimono at a vintage market.. I learned something fashinating - when women in japan get married they cut their kimono sleeves shorter, cos the long ones are concidered too sexy.. anyone know anything more about this? I just thought it was such an interesting thing..

    But now on to the shoes! or more like shoe spats or what ever they are! I was on the waiting list in miu miu and finally got the call that they are in! the heels from the show was a bit too low for me so it's perfect that you can customise your own heels with these!! next I need to try them with pointy pumps.. I'm in loooooove, I'll get some better pics of them soon.. (they deserve a proper ''shoot'' haha)

    have a nice weekend, and if you are in london I challenge you to a elbow fight tomorrow at this vintage fair...


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