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st. francis fountain

    cafe latte waffle knit sweater c/o white crow boutique

    Met with Megan last week before she left for New York to grab lunch at St. Francis Fountain. I needed a bit of a pick-me-up so I went straight for a Coca Cola float as soon as I got there: nothing beats eating dessert before your meal. Our floats even came with cute paper straws!

    ice cream floats
    sippinglooking down

    I've been on huge burger kick lately and can't help but order a burger whenever I eat out. I'd had breakfast here before but had yet to try something from the lunch menu. The bacon may have been a little excessive especially after I'd downed that entire Coke float but I'm just going to repeat the same phrase that I employ whenever I start to ponder certain questionable choices: "no regrets."

    bacon cheddar cheeseburger
    st. francis fountain