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Raising the bar

    Thanks to what I today have the privilege to call my job, I go through a lot of shoes. I'm always equally kind to them all, I keep them in the box, wrapped in tissue paper for a few days while they decorate my messy desk. But then one day, I came across Mark Charles. After a lot of shoe admiring and a brief meeting with the man himself, the idea behind the brand became quite clear to me after he said something in the following way: ''When I saw girls waking home bare feet after a night out, carrying their shoes, I just really wanted to do something about it''. So was born his way of not just designing, but way of delivering shoes that serve their primal purpose. I'm talking extra cushioned soles, tailored tight fit, limited to only 500 pairs pair style. The shoes all come in a white wooden box with replaceable heels tips and a little care kit. This all resulting in me thinking.. I'm not sure how serious I can take shoes that come box-less anymore...

    weekday coat
    alexander wang shirt dress
    h&m turtleneck

    I took the black 'Afina' and beige 'Camy' out for a walk the other day, and at the moment the black beauties are sitting on my shoe shelf. Gorgeous they are both, but you know I always feel a bit biased towards black shoes... I wore them with a pencil skirt, I think we are in the last of days when it comes to the weather. And wang shirt, that with it's cool lenght continues to serve me as a true soldier.