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black and blue

    Acne moto jacket, Vince sweater, Hudson Nico jeansAcne Pistol bootsLa Dama crystal bullet necklace, vintage sunglasses

    Hey look, no shorts! The weather cooled down a bit so I've been forced to wear jeans all week, no fun. It was actually nice out for Bay to Breakers this weekend, so glad I got to wake up at 8am to this outside the window. Any excuse to day drink is fine by me although we didn't really venture past the Panhandle or leave the area to go the whole route. I think we may go down to Mountain View tomorrow to see our friends the Tenderlions play at I Love This City. Time to hang out with more underage kids? Yeck. I wish they hadn't changed the venue, getting down there is going to be annoying. Tenderlions always put on a fun show though.


    Whoops, hair flip. Still working on revamping the blog, may work on a new layout if I have time this weekend. My boyfriend and I have been trying to get a schedule going so I can post at least twice a week or more if we have time. We have a little bet going where if his band MANICS wins this local poll he would get me to start posting every other day. Hah, we'll see. I will admit that it's been a while since I've been this stoked on blogging. To be completely honest, it kind of lost its appeal to me after my camera broke and it became a chore to get my photos taken. One step at a time, I suppose.