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Feather braid

    gina tricot check shirts
    vintage waistcoat
    topshop pants
    acne boots
    h&m scarf
    pamela love & fashionology jewellery

    photos by stefanie

    Hi you all! hope you are well... I am stuck in london, my flight was cancelled because of the snow.. every year there will be a little bit of snow, and every time people are just as surprised and unprepared.. jeez..

    anyway these are some pre snowfall photos.. I just had to wear the acne boots one black and one green.. haha something I have been wanting to try for a long time! I am also excited that I finally got this little feather braid done, apparently you can wash your hair normally and all... to get it out will eventually be another story, but for now I totally love it!

    also I want to thank leandra aka. man repeller for the hilare feature! if you are not familiar with the man repeller, it is about time you get addicted! I sometimes mentioned clothes that women love - boys hate and that pretty much defines what man repeller is all about!