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Uncomplicated patterns

    vintage cape
    benetton polo shirt
    topshop pants
    nicholas kirkwood shoes
    vintage bag
    fashionology necklaces

    photos by stefanie

    Yey my sister is in town! and I can't believe it, but I am going back to uni for a extra xmas course.. I'm suuuuch a good student - photography this time.. and if they try to give me (real) homework I might walk out because in my head, I am already on vacation.
    This was before lunch the other day.. It was really the first time I ever wore the cape.. although I had it in my closet for years.. well whatever, that's the glory of vintage.

    ps. I added lots of more rings and cool chain-cuff earrings to my shop. Tomorrow I'll add bracelets.

    pps. Thank you everyone who have voted for me in the asos styling competition! There is still time to vote, the winner will land a styling gig at asos so your votes (=facebook 'likes') are really really appreciated!

    Still time to hit the 'like' button for your favorite looks over at asos facebook page! In order to vote you need to 'like' asos first..