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date at the ferry building

    saint james striped shirt, HOPE blazer via Revolve, Theory shorts, Hansel From Basel socks, vintage oxfords and sunglasses

    BF and I went on a date at the Ferry Building yesterday and it wasn't too bad. I've only really been there at times when I'm showing around people from out of town (during the day, at least) so there was always this stigma surrounding it being a tourist trap. Friday was supposed to be a nice day so why not? By nice day, of course, I mean a day with enough sunshine to merit bare legs. Hello legs, I missed you!

    guac and chips

    chicken tacos

    steak tacos


    First order of business (we take eating very seriously) was to find a place to eat so I suggested Mijita since I'd been there before about a year ago. Seems like I was the only one satisfied with my torta (last pic above) since BF just grumbled and complained about his steak and chicken tacos. Usually I don't pay attention to his whining but I do have to agree with him preferring hole-in-the-wall locales over places like these which charge $4-5 a taco.



    Seems like this is the first clear picture of my haircut? In any case, I'm starting to get the hang of air drying it and not damaging it with styling tools. BF also went back for a shorter haircut around the same time I did and is enjoying his cut as well. We look like such babies in pics like these when you compare them to us now!

    wine bar


    Next stop was the Wine Bar at the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant for a glass of some white wine whose name I can't remember. No, I wasn't wasted or anything, I just leave anything concerning wine to Brent since he does work with it. He ordered a carafe for the two of us and drank most of it while teasing me about how it takes me 45 minutes to finish one glass then realizing that this one glass was enough to get me a little silly. Praise my Asian tolerance!

    carrot cupcake from miette

    rose macaron from miette

    what he worewhat he wore
    j. lindeberg top, b.son cardigan, april 77 jeans, chronicles of never oxfords, prada sunglasses

    Finally, we couldn't find anything else to do so I made him take photos of me (really, you have no idea what a pain it is for me to get someone to do this for me) by the water after we enjoyed our treats from Miette. He chose a cute little carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting while I picked up two macarons (rose and vanilla). Here's a first as well... a full photo of what BF is wearing! Can you tell how annoyed he looks? Don't be fooled, he can actually be very sweet (wait until I show you guys what he got me for our anniversary) but this is what he looks like most of the time (STINKY). Just kidding, I love you.