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Go on.. no one is counting

    jeffrey campbell clogs

    Ups.. Yeah I know.. I have to calm down with buying clogs.. or maybe not.. plus I am totally allowed since I am skandinavian and they could pass as our national shoe.. Anyway here is how the story went.. I was in topshop just strolling around with Tasha, catching up on the new stuff when I remembered a rumor I heard about Jeffrey Campbell shoes being sold at topshop...(?) So I thought I'd ask around... No. No sorry we don't. I am afraid, was the answer I got about 5 times until I made it into the section that sells Office shoes... and here I got my answer. The only ones they had left were these clogs, in my size. They spoke to me and I answered. 

    So to you UK people that are interested, Office will be stocking Jeffrey Campbell from now on and they will receive a new batch of these clogs in black & tan in mid May. ( ps. these run small, I had to go up a size)
    I also have to share the best shoe fitting trick, that I had to use on these. Some of you may have heard of it, works best on leather/suede shoe that feels too tight and rub your feet.. 

    1. wear the shoes on bare feet inside your house for a while so you know which part rubs and may cause blisters 
    2. buy moleskin tape/ fabric bandaid from the pharmacy and wrap a strip around the sore spot 
    3. soak your feet in water then dry them leaving the tape wet 
    4. wear your shoes with the wet tape on and the tight parts will mold perfectly to your feet, without stretching the whole shoe.