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humphry slocombe and an outfit (finally!)

    thrifted altered sheer top, alexander wang skirt, drugstore tights, thrifted booties, marc by marc jacobs clutch

    When was the last time I posted an outfit shot? Feels like a long time. I was somehow finally able to coerce BF into taking these photos (after being turned down two days straight, WTF) but here they are. Here I am in all my pouty, bloated glory. Blame the pout on our inability to get a decent picture (have I always been this self conscious?) and the bloating on the following...

    So yes, I'll admit it: this was my first time at Humphry Slocombe. Yes, I have been to Bi-Rite and Ici countless times (let's just say it may be in the weekly or biweekly range), but Humphry Slocombe? Nope, never. You'd think that we'd go more often since BF's apartment is only 10 minutes away but I wasn't able to convince him to go with me until I ventured in that direction to go to the post office. Breakthrough!

    blue bottle vietnamese coffee and brown buttertahitian vanilla and brown butter

    So there you have it. I thoroughly enjoyed my scoops of Blue Bottle Vietnamese coffee and brown butter in a cone while BF opted for Tahitian vanilla and brown butter in a cup. He tried a scoop of the cherry blossom flavor and liked it but didn't go with a scoop for some odd reason. Whatever, our flavors were worth it. Maybe next time we'll branch out a little more, I think I was way too cranky to try the "less safe" flavors and wanted my sugar fix asap. I'm thinking next week? McEvoy olive oil and balsamic caramel, I'm lookin' at chu~.

    But let's not get hasty here. We tend to discuss what we shall consume at a later time up to a week in advance when we're already eating during the conversation. Optimization? Organization? Obsession? Yes, yes, and yes. That actually wasn't the case this time, as we sat outside and got the pictures out of the way we were silent for the most part and the only person you could hear was the woman behind us talking incessantly to her date (or male friend of some sort) as he nodded quietly while she explained in full detail how an ex complained that she talked too much. I don't think she enjoyed her ice cream as much as we did, all that talking probably left a bad taste in her mouth. Have you ever freed yourself from distractions to fully enjoy your sense of taste? It's actually quite pleasing.

    big mouth

    And because I don't mind looking like an idiot, here we are in our natural states, glorious food and all. This is what happens when you decide to be healthy then break everything to celebrate BF's birthday. I mean, come on, he turned 25! How could we not dine out in fine establishments for three days straight without a care in the world? I'll save those for later posts, I promise they're REALLY good.

    On another note, what do you think of my top? It was actually a frumpy long sleeved shirt which was too sheer to roll up so I cut the sleeves short and sewed parts to keep the rolled bit up (like that one Acne shirt I always wear). Should I post the photos that I took of the quick and easy process? You guys know I'm not adept at DIYs so it's nothing spectacular or on the level of something Shini or Chantal would create. It's quite simple and a quick fix for any old long sleeved shirts that you want to wear in the summer!