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what i wore during finals

    thrifted cardigan, saint james striped shirt, april 77 jeans, abbie clogs courtesy of ugg australia (thank you, misty!)

    ...because I can't come up with a better title. I just wrapped up my exams today and maaaaaaaan it feels good. Ever wonder why I don't post outfits often during the semester? Part of it is just pure laziness and the other part involves being too busy to care about my appearance and just looking like a hot mess. The easiest outfit usually involves me picking up whatever is in the mound of clothes on the couch in my room (usually a top, cardigan, jeans, flats combination), no make up, and hardly washing my hair. Since this was my last day, I decided to spice things up with these slip on clogs which are actually at a comfortable enough height to wear on a daily basis. So uhhh yeah, this is what I REALLY look like.

    ugg abbie clogs

    Well, at least summer vacation is here for me (although the weather in the bay says otherwise) and I can finally pay more attention to this cute little blog. I think this calls for a celebration so it's time to go dance to this song on repeat. But really, I'm planning on blogging significantly more this summer and trying out new things with this blog so I'm going to request that you guys hold on tight and stay tuned for a long overdue blog makeover! I can't remember the last time I was excited about any sort of project mostly because I'm the type of person who is bored easily with certain undertakings but this is something that I'm actually starting to grow passionate about...