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Before it all, we have coffee

    zara leather jacket
    zara blazer
    vintage leather shorts
    topshop over-knee boots
    cynthia rowley bag
    lapponia & vintage rings
    nails inc. 'fleet street' nailpolish

    pictures by Tasha

    Ahh week-end.. and I get too wake up whenever lying in bed gets to tiring. I'll try to include a bit of work and maybe there will be time to take pics of some new findings.. I have some good miu miu lookalikes lining up that I need to show you guys...

    also hi to all of you new visitors that found their way to 5 inch and up via the feature on Le fashion.. author Jenn also writes Olsens anonymous, Le love, Le smoking and ...etc. How she manages all of these we don't know, but what we do know that all her blogs are so very le inspiring. Thank you