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slightly irrelevant

    vintage sweater, duffel coat, and boots, Acne jeans, Coach purse

    This is what I wore during and after this crazy storm that just hit San Francisco out of nowhere. Today I realized that after five years in the Bay Area I still don't own rain-appropriate shoes and probably never will since I haven't found a pair of rainboots that I actually like (and those Loeffler Randall ones still refuse to go on sale) so I just wore these trusty old vintage ones. Last night I somehow ended up walking in the rain and hail with two medium Domino's pizzas and while the pizzas remained relatively unscathed I ended up a soaking wet mess. Totally worth it, though.

    post rain

    So umm, what else? I walked around downtown SF with Lulu while she told me about her trip to New York. Call me boring but I'm not really into that NYFW scene and I don't think I ever will be (although this iPhone app does come in handy). Did I ever mention that I haven't traveled anywhere past Texas or Mexico? I have this weird anxiety about being in a plane longer than two hours. I do want to go to New York soon and Megan and I were talking about going to New York to visit her cousin Sophie. Maybe in May? I'm more excited about going to various restaurants than anything (looking at Frances and Gennie's blogs for recommendations of course) and maybe some sightseeing but man, it'll be nice to go somewhere that isn't the west coast for once. Time to try something new in 2011, I suppose.