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Bloggers day at Next

    pic 2 and 10 by shini
    pic 6 and 7 by jill

    Back a few.. uhm weeks (gosh how time flies by) I, among fellow UK bloggers where invited to Next to view the new collection, play around with the pieces and see what happens 'behind the scenes' with the designers of Next. After a first class train ride (which totally made up for the early start) we arrived at the headquarters in leicester to a super breakfast and friendly team that talked us through what Next are planning to do.. well next. 70's inspired boho pieces, bright colors and a lot of white (yessss) appeared to be key while us bloggers even got a bit of a say what we would like to see more of this spring!

    Later we where introduced to a little styling challenge where we where asked to style a specific garment with items from the mock shop - I was given the wide flower pants which grew on me as soon as I got them on... I had just arrived from thailand and took apparently subconsciously a 'tropical' approach to the whole thing. I guess the henna tattoos and turban that I transformed from a scarf tied the whole look together although I found it hard to limit myself with the jewellery... and clearly did not.. (no surprise there)

    overall a wonderful day, thank you next for organizing such a nice event for us!