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A year of blogging

    photos by me, janne, stefanie and tasha
    pic 2 by rumi
    pic 3 by tommy ton
    pic 4 by andy

    Last monday it became exactly a year ago since I published my first ever post! Fast forward a year, I can't help but being thankful to everyone of you that have been with me throughout! following, commenting and supporting, you all are so great <3

    featured some lovely bloggers that I met... rumi, veronica, andy, pandora, carolina and elin to name a few!

    also thank you to my great sister stefanie (who is atm. in sunny australia), my dear friend tasha and lovely bf for dealing with my 'photoshoots' on a daily basis...

    I have a feeling next year will be even better.. if that is even possible

    a million kisses xxx