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Leo + army

    h&m leo dress
    topshop boutique coat
    laurence dacade boots

    photos by tasha

    An early morning, early this week on a random side street a minute before class. The day before, I decided to invest in this topshop boutique coat cos I needed something that actually keeps me warm, bye for now beloved leather jackets.. the dress you already saw here before - I am joining a few fellow bloggers on the note of not being able to get enought of it.

    this week will be busy, and I have a lot to blog about.. so stay tuned sweeties!

    thank you all who took part in my giveaways! I will choose the winners tonight..

    and oh, how was your FNI? did you shop something good? I had to run down to topshop to check the kate moss collection launch! (but then of course I ran back and stayid glued to my computer for the rest of the night)  I bought a little thing... and although it very summery I think I need to show you it soon... it's soo cuuuuuute! Grazia TV did a little video on my favorite pieces, check it out on my twitter here


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