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Shredded & painted

    topshop pants
    painted aa bag
    second hand belt
    aqua back-less blazer
    zara shoes
    lapponia and fashionology rings

    I stumbled across a beautiful church after my lee klabin showroom visit a few weeks back.. the amazing t-shirt dress I'm wearing is another creation of carla from rouge et noir, similar to the one I wore here. But this one is longer, maybe even better.. either way a great add to my winter closet.

    I have also utterly fallen in love with my halloween project, that would be the originally black clutch I painted white. My plan is working just the way I planned.. the paint is starting to crack and the soft leather is strating to resemble the look of old furniture.. and sence I'm always hunting those distressed, worn down interiors to my home, I wish creating the 'old' effect would be as easy as this 10 min. project...

    I got a bit over excited about the idea and am working on another similar thing.. more on that later!


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